We are married!

So, I feel rather guilty that I haven't gotten to update the blog since well before the wedding but, I never expected to be so busy. As you know, I did most of the planning last July therefore, everything was pretty much done. (Or so I thought!) There were lots of little things that I had to wait until closer to the wedding day to do. But, the day was perfect and most importantly Dave and I are married.

We had an incredible day. The week prior to the wedding was EXTREMELY HOT and humid. However, all of that subsided for the big day. We were able to celebrate outside during the cocktail hour with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the windows in the reception hall.

One of my goals for the day was to take time to enjoy every minute of it. I certainly met that goal. I danced with Dave, my family, and friends. I got to speak with each table of people. I even got to enjoy our specacular meal and cake! It was so much fun. You must know that after the second song at the reception the high heels came off and I was happy as a clam in my flip flops. The whole day was like a fairtale and I couldn't ask for anything more!

We left the next morning on our honeymoon. We took a 7 day cruise to Maine and Canada out of Bayonne, NJ. We had so much fun! The weather was nice and cool. Maine is an absolutely spectacular place. On several occasions I contemplated moving there simply because I loved everything about the area. Our cruise stopped in Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine. The next two days were spent in St. John's Bay, NB and Halifax, NS. While both were nice cities, Maine was more my cup of tea. I have to say the hospitality extended toward us in Canada was nothing like I had ever seen. People offered to take photos for you (and didn't steal your camera). When we got off the boat in St. John's Bay, the women were greeted with roses and the men were greeted with pins with the name of the port on it. In Halifax, they have free bus for tourists to take you to all of the major attractions in the city.

There are many pictures on facebook from family and friends of the wedding as well as some pictures from the honeymoon. Hope you enjoy them!

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