Is it really October?

I have to say that I find it hard to believe it is actually October. Yes, the leaves are starting to change. Yes, Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice Latte out. Yes, the houses in my parents neighborhood are decorated for Halloween. However, it was 85 degrees today. I went to the beach with my mother and people were swimming in the Bay. On Sunday, the hubby and I actually put our feet in the water. I was shocked to see that people were in bathing suits in October! It's like we are living in Florida!

One of the things I loved about this weekend was that the hubby and I spent it at my parents house. On Saturday, my parents took a trip to see my brother in DC (just for the night). So, we did LOTS of laundry, ordered in, and enjoyed the many different movie choices. On Sunday, my youngest brother came home from college so we got to spent some time with him. We even got to Skype with another one of my brothers who is studying at PNAC in Rome. My parents, my brother, the hubby and I enjoyed pizza from our favorite local pizza place.

Unfortunately, today, the hubby had to work. But, my parents made us an awesome dinner to enjoy once he gets home! They also happen to provide lettuce and some of the hubby's favorite cookies. Our friend Carolyn gave us some italian bread. So, we have a fantastic dinner! Our family and friends are the best!

Interestingly because of the weird weather, the garden in my parents yard is still yielding tomatoes and cucumbers. The best news of all is that the figs are actually ripening! (Usually, the frost gets to them before they become edible!)


Next weekend, the hubby and I both have to work on Saturday. Hopefully, we will get to my brother's school for the tail end of parents weekend. Oyster Fest is next weekend also at home so I'm sure we will head there with my mom (maybe dad depending on how he's feeling) on Sunday.