Getting Past The Grumbling

Today's readings and Blessed Is She devotion talk about not complaining and using God's grace to get you through the rough moments. I certainly do my share of grumbling but I am also starting to realize that the things that I grumble about the most are the things that are the greatest blessings in my life...This coming  week each time I grumble, I'm going to try to remember to turn it into gratitude. I need to give thanks for the many things, people, and situations in my life that may cause me aggravation.

When I stop grumbling and work on being grateful, my entire demeanor changes. God gives us such amazing gifts. Initially when we recieve those gifts they may seem irritating or overwhelming because we had not necessarily planned on them becoming part of our lives. It's not about our timing. It's about God's timing and His will for us.

In college, one of my theology professors defined grace as God working within you. Putting the graces we recieve into action isn't always easy but in order to have a positive outlook it certainly is necessary. God's grace empowers us to strive to share our gifts with others in His name.