My boy is growing up!

Over the weekend we took our first overnight family trip to Montauk. We stayed at the Beachcomber Resort. It was wonderful. Charlie loved the sand and the hotel. He seemed to enjoy the fact that we were in one room together for two days. I can't wait to go back when it is warmer.

Also last week, our little man said his first word - other than mom - BALL! His Uncle C. bought him a big blue kickball. He's learned to throw it with two hands over his head and he enjoys trying to bounce it. Charlie walks around the house saying "ball" every chance he gets.

On Monday (May 6th), Charlie took his first two independent steps to put a ball in his little basketball hoop. (His uncles are a little obsessed with sports.) I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast!

In other news, I launched my Facebook shop ( Please stop by and "like" my page!

Finding like minded mommas

As a new mom on maternity leave and then a leave of absence, I struggled to find moms that I could relate to. I wasn't really a working mom. I didn't have multiple children. I didn't have a child who could play, yet. It made it really hard to find a community of women to belong to.

One of the ways I've found "mom friends" is on the internet. was the gateway to joining may other local and not so local mom groups. I found super easy to use. It was customizable to my interests and location however, it seemed that many of the groups on there weren't very active or were active but only for a small group of preexisting friends. For example, I came across a group of stay at home moms who wanted to have play dates with other people at other people's houses. However, the events actually said that you  must be friends with a specific person in order to sign up. Needless to say, I quickly became frustrated with some of those groups and moved on to Facebook.

I've been a part of #CathSorority Facebook Group for awhile. It was wonderful to find a group of women who shared my faith. In that group there were a few moms, after several conversations about poop, birthing, and breast feeding we decided to make a spin off group, #CathSorority Moms, to spare the other women from having to hear about  the aforementioned subjects. Interestingly, these online friends shared my faith and many shared my parenting style. They encouraged me to find other local groups (Long Island Baby Wearing, Long Island Cloth Diapering Moms and Dads, and Modern Tribal Mamas).

In these local groups, I have found women, Catholic and not, who enjoying the outdoors, healthy living, cloth diapering, and baby wearing. I have gotten together with them on several occasions, one I see weekly at a Little Gym class.

When you ask, "How do make friends when you aren't in school or working?" You hit the internet. Yes, some people are creepy. No, you shouldn't get together with every person you come across on the internet. But, when you are part of closed, private, secret groups that generally require some screening to join, you can take proper precautions. I've loved meeting these women both in real life and online.

If you have any interest in becoming part of any of the groups I've mentioned above, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail and I'll be happy to chat with you about joining us!

What I've been making...

A friend of mine commissioned me to knit her adorable little girl a keyhole scarf for next winter. She selected the pattern off of Ravelry and let me pick the yarn and embellishments. It was so much fun! I can't wait to see her little girl wearing it next winter. 

If you'd like me to make one for your little boy/girl, leave a comment or send and e-mail and I'd be glad to work with you!

What's new?

The big news is my brother (the oldest of the three boys) got engaged on Thursday!! YAY! The happy couple came up to visit us this weekend. We enjoyed celebrating with them.

My youngest brother came home from London and surprised Charlie with a Paddington Bear who is about the same size as he is. Charlie is enjoying playing with his uncle and the bear.

It is so much fun to watch Charlie grow up. I can't believe how many more sounds he is making. His sounds definitely mean something because they are different in different situations. For example, my friend Patti has a dog named Charlie and whenever my Charlie seeing him he lets out this chirping noise that I only hear when he is near the dog.

Charlie definitely wants to walk he just can't seem to get the balance down. He is flying back and forth using this plastic push toy but, whenever he realizes he isn't holding on he sits down very carefully so as not to hurt himself. He still really enjoys playing with his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House. He loves playing "a boo" (peek a boo) - even at 5 AM. I love when he thinks he is hiding because he has a tiny toy in front of his eyes.

We have been searching for a more permanent place to live. Not sure where we will end up but, hopefully we'll have some idea soon. For the next two years or so, we'll be in NY until the hubby can wave into a new state. 

What's new?

  1. I'm a columnist at Ignitum Today. Head over there and check out my first article!
  2. It's Earth Day! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful day!
  3. We went to our friends' wedding on Saturday. It was a fun night out. I always enjoy remembering our wedding day as I hear my friends recite their vows to one another.
  4. I'm looking forward to May! Our friends Jenn & Tim will be in the area (well, closer than TX). Charlie will be one!
  5. Next weekend one of my brothers will be coming home from Study Abroad.
  6. Charlie is teething like crazy. He has one top tooth poking through and several others that I can see poking around up there. This kid could have a bunch of teeth for his birthday.
  7. My friend Kristin is raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. She is in the final push to meet her fundraising goal. Won't you go help her out?