The search has ended.

When you are pregnant, people ask you lots of questions. One of those questions is usually about your pediatrician. Do you have a pediatrician? Where does he/she have privileges? Did you interview him/her? How many others did you interview? The questions go on and on. 

Before Charlie was born, we had ALL the answers to ALL the questions. We had asked friends for recommendations. We had called and interviewed pediatricians. We picked one that came highly recommended. Well...what I didn't realize was that BEFORE we were parents we THOUGHT we knew it all. We THOUGHT we knew what would be important. 

Two children, two pediatric practices, four pediatricians, and four years of parenting later...I think I found a pediatrician we are all happy with. Is it close to home? No. Does she have privileges at our nearest hospital? No. Does she keep us waiting? No. Do we have to hunt for a parking space? No. Do we have to leave a message with a service in case of emergency? No. Do we have to do everything exactly as she says - or else? No. 

Finding a pediatrician is a lot like dating. Go once or twice. See if it works for you. If not, break up. Spend some time researching. Try another one. Repeat until you find the one that works. The one that will be with your family for 18 or more years. 

There is no shame is changing doctors if they aren't the right fit. There is no shame in admitting you don't have ALL the answers - or the right answers. 

Today, I took our two darlings for our well visits. Both got shots. Both were met where they were developmentally rather than where protocol said. If they were afraid, time was taken to explain what was happening. My husband showed up late and was welcomed. We talked. We weren't questioned. We were taken on time. We found parking with no problem. Despite receiving a shot, Charlie still said Alex was his favorite. (The nurse who gave him the shot.) What does that tell you? 

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