Congrats to Sara & Matt!

Our dear friends Sara and Matt are getting married today! 

They played such a large part in our special day. 
We wish them all the happiness in the world! 

Sara's Backyard

Sara's backyard is a fantastic place. 
She has a lemon tree, an orange tree, an apple tree, a persimmon tree,
 a humming bird feeder, and a squirrel feeder!

One of the cool things about the trees in her yard is that they never drop all of their fruit so there is always something fresh and tasty to enjoy! 

The Adventures of Flat Dave

Flat Dave has been traveling around Southern California enjoying the sites and yummy food.
Dave riding a tractor at Underwood Family Farm

Dave enjoying his burger @ In and Out Burger

Dave enjoying the cactus along HWY 5

Sara's Bachelorette Party

On Saturday, July 23rd, we had a girls day/night night for Sara's Bachelorette Party. Her sister and her friend planned and hosted a wonderful party. We started at Color Me Mine Pottery where we painted some things for Sara and Matt's new apartment. I painted pig salt & peeper shakers. They were super cute. We dined at BJ's (no not the super store) they easily accommodated our relatively large party. BJ's is the home of the pizookie. If you have not had one of these you must! During my first trip to Cali, we made this a must enjoy on the list. Of course dinner is not the end of a ladies night out so, we went to Roman Holiday. It was a super cute wine bar with an outdoor fire pit and wine vending machines. We enjoyed ourselves and retired to one of Sara's friend's houses for the rest of the evening.

Our First Married 4th of July (Photos)

The hubby and I spent our first married 4th of July with my parents. One of things I love about their house is the backyard and the flowers! Hope these pictures do it justice!