Rain...Rain...Go Away

Spring break started last Friday . I went home to Long Island on Monday, just in time for the torrential rain. Just a few weeks ago we were inundated with rain and flooding, here we go again.

We have a "trench system" outside the house that was started by a gardener to keep the water from pooling on the flowers but, now is used to keep the house from flooding. Christopher has been outside about once each hour digging the trench bigger because the water keeps overflowing toward the basement windows.

We have been very fortunate we have not had any water in the house thus far. Typically, we end up with water in the far ends of the basement.

Yesterday, Route 25A near the house was flooded. The town closed the road and decided to pump the water from that road down Sugar Toms Lane. Unfortunately, Sugar Tom was already flooded. There were cars, water, and hoses everywhere.

They keep flashing pictures of Freeport (East of us) and New Jersey on the news. I was shocked by the amount of water we have here but, the amount of water there is amazing. I thought seeing the water lines on the buildings and home in Galveston could only happen with a hurricane but, here simple spring rain has brought three or more feet of water to some communities in the area.

Rumor has it the weather is supposed to clear today. Here's hoping.

A Beautiful & Productive Weekend

Friday Night we enjoyed a performance of Sacred Music by the performance groups at Martin Luther High School. Prior to the concert, we shared some gelato cake with other faculty members at MLHS. It was yummy!

Saturday was very busy. MLHS had its college workshop and college fair for juniors and their families. 27 colleges and universities were represented. It was a very successful morning. After the festivities at MLHS concluded,we went to the North Shore Country Club (where the reception will be held) to see it set up for a reception later that day. It was interesting to see some of the decorations that they had. We definitely need to get moving on the flowers. After that we went to Lion In The Sun to approve the invitation and get some ideas for the guest book. I have decided to attempt to make it myself over Easter Break. Hopefully, it works out.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We finally got to go out East. As we were driving out there, we realized we hadn't been out there since we got engaged in July. Unfortunately, when we got to Montauk, they were having the St. Patrick's Day parade so the town was packed with people. We took a quick drive out to the lighthouse then went to Hither Hills to escape the craziness. It was wonderful! We had the whole beach to ourselves. We found a wonderful spot between the dunes that blocked the wind so we were able to sit and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Despite sunblock and my big floppy hat, I still got a bit of a burn. Oops!

After we left Montauk, we headed to Riverhead so Dave could have Pizza Hut. I am not sure why but, he loves it. To appease me, we stopped by the outlets on the way home. I picked up an ice cream scoop. I can't wait to make use of it in the coming weeks!

It is March.

March is one of busiest and most difficult months of the year for a teacher because the weather is getting nicer, the kids are restless, and the teachers are tired. Last Friday, we took all of the kids on Field Trips. Freshmen - Liberty Science Center. Sophomores - Museum of Natural History. Juniors - Ellis Island. Seniors - Improve in Time Square. It was a fun but EXHAUSTING day! This week is a regular week of school. However, on Friday night, the children are performing their Sacred Concert. On Saturday, the guidance department is hosting their college workshop and college fair for juniors and their parents. Next week is the last week before Easter Break! The children should be completely off the wall. I can't wait for Easter Break!

St. Patrick's Day marked four months until the wedding! I can't believe how time has flown by! Everything is pretty much set. We got the proof from the invitation place the other day. We are going to visit the Club where the reception will be held this weekend. At some point, we still need to pick out flowers and hymns for the Mass. That should be lots of fun!

Spring Has Sprung & Other Thoughts

It's been awhile but, not much has happened.

I've decorated the apartment for spring with various wreaths, flowers, and shells. I spent one Friday afternoon with my hot glue gun just crafting away. It is so much fun to decorate!

The weather has been awful the past few days but, luckily we were able to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary with them on Saturday. It was nice to be home with Dave, Andrew, Chris and my parents. In addition to celebrating their anniversary my mom made St. Patrick's Day dinner for us!

We had our corned beef and cabbage a few days early.(I need to remember to make some Irish Soda Bread for work on Wednesday.) Despite all of the rain in the area, the news reported that many communities still had their St. Patrick's Day Parades. This holiday always reminds me of Scranton namely, the float with the man in the shower and the Irish Wolfhounds. I can honestly say that nobody does St. Patrick's Day like Scranton.

Many of the neighborhoods are flooded and without power. While out and about on Sunday, my mother and I saw a car drove into a giant puddle and was submerged up to the car doors by NYIT. The power companies are predicting that the power will be out for a few more days. We were very fortunate to make it through the storm without experiencing any of the above.

The weather has warmed up a bit. It is no longer snowing but, raining. Daylight savings time told us to "Spring Ahead!" this weekend. I was so excited today because I saw the first signs of Spring! A few of the lawns near the apartment have Daffodils and Crocuses popping up! It was wonderful to see the little bits of purple and green poking out of the muddy ground.