It is March.

March is one of busiest and most difficult months of the year for a teacher because the weather is getting nicer, the kids are restless, and the teachers are tired. Last Friday, we took all of the kids on Field Trips. Freshmen - Liberty Science Center. Sophomores - Museum of Natural History. Juniors - Ellis Island. Seniors - Improve in Time Square. It was a fun but EXHAUSTING day! This week is a regular week of school. However, on Friday night, the children are performing their Sacred Concert. On Saturday, the guidance department is hosting their college workshop and college fair for juniors and their parents. Next week is the last week before Easter Break! The children should be completely off the wall. I can't wait for Easter Break!

St. Patrick's Day marked four months until the wedding! I can't believe how time has flown by! Everything is pretty much set. We got the proof from the invitation place the other day. We are going to visit the Club where the reception will be held this weekend. At some point, we still need to pick out flowers and hymns for the Mass. That should be lots of fun!

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