Rain...Rain...Go Away

Spring break started last Friday . I went home to Long Island on Monday, just in time for the torrential rain. Just a few weeks ago we were inundated with rain and flooding, here we go again.

We have a "trench system" outside the house that was started by a gardener to keep the water from pooling on the flowers but, now is used to keep the house from flooding. Christopher has been outside about once each hour digging the trench bigger because the water keeps overflowing toward the basement windows.

We have been very fortunate we have not had any water in the house thus far. Typically, we end up with water in the far ends of the basement.

Yesterday, Route 25A near the house was flooded. The town closed the road and decided to pump the water from that road down Sugar Toms Lane. Unfortunately, Sugar Tom was already flooded. There were cars, water, and hoses everywhere.

They keep flashing pictures of Freeport (East of us) and New Jersey on the news. I was shocked by the amount of water we have here but, the amount of water there is amazing. I thought seeing the water lines on the buildings and home in Galveston could only happen with a hurricane but, here simple spring rain has brought three or more feet of water to some communities in the area.

Rumor has it the weather is supposed to clear today. Here's hoping.

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