Spring Break has come and gone...

Spring Break was extremely productive. I spent the first few days resting and awaiting the arrival of the various Garnett's and their significant others.

On Wednesday night Edward and Julia arrived followed by Andrew and his friend Mitch. We had a wonderful Easter filled with lots of laughs.

I went back to Astoria on Thursday and Friday to go to church with Dave at Most Precious Blood. Holy Thursday was interesting because the Mass was celebrated in at least four different languages. It was wonderful that everyone could be together in the same church. Based on the response of the congregation, it seemed that each language was well represented. The church was packed! Dave and I got there approximately ten minutes early and had to look around to find a seat. Good Friday was approximately two hours long!!! The church was less crowded because the service was at 2pm. This was solely in English. That evening there was a procession that turned out to have more of a parade like atmosphere. There were several speakers on the back of a pickup truck piping music and the stations of the cross in various languages on the streets of Astoria. This was quite an interesting experience because there were hundreds of people following the pick up truck. But, in the crowd were four statues of Jesus at various times throughout His life. Dave and I hadn't planned to participate in the procession. We were enjoying our dinner when all of a sudden the statues were on the street below our apartment. Hopefully, we remember that this goes on next year.

Saturday morning, Edward and Julia popped by for a quick visit because their visit was postponed by the procession on Friday. It was fun to have them over. Of course we had to introduce Julia to the peanut butter, chocolate, banana shake at Bare Burger down the street. After Edward and Julia left, Dave and I treated ourselves to lunch at a new restaurant called Crave. It was a wonderful experience. it appears to be a blend of Belgian and Greek food. The "chips" (fries) were absolutely amazing! You can order them with a variety of dipping sauces...YUM!!! It was fun to sit outside and enjoy our reasonably priced, super yummy food.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with my family on Long Island. Edward and Julia cooked us dinner, again very yummy. Then we went to the Easter Vigil at St. Dominic Church.

Sunday morning we headed back to Long Island to celebrate Easter with my family. We had a huge breakfast and baskets from the Easter Bunny waiting for us. Dave, Andrew, Mitch, Christopher and I went to Lido Beach later in the day to enjoy the mild weather. Of course on the way home, Andrew wanted to stop at White Castle so we grabbed a few burgers and headed home for a wonderful dinner.

Monday and Tuesday were spent with Justine, my bridesmaid and Carolyn, my maid of honor doing a crazy amount of wedding stuff. Justine and I went shopping on Monday. While we were out, I learned that Dave and I will be taking our Engagement Pictures on April 17th. Unfortunately, we had already left the outlets and had to go to the department stores to look for something for me to wear. I think we spent a total of 7 1/2 hours looking for something to wear. On Tuesday, Carolyn and I went to pick up the wedding invitations, order the wedding rings, and order the flowers. I think all of the ordering is DONE for the wedding.

Today I put together the wedding program and started to pick out some music. Now, we just need to decide who is doing what during the Mass.

Tomorrow is 100 days to the wedding according to the countdown on the website. I'm super excited!

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