The Rings are In

We got our wedding rings tonight. They look great, and best of all, they were an easy and relatively pain-free experience. I decided to meet the fiancee at the jeweler, as a friend of mine gave me a lift through rainy Friday afternoon traffic. We walked in and out in about 15 minutes, thanks to some prior planning from earlier weeks.

We initially started out by looking at different jewelers, seeing what types of rings were available and deciding on what we wanted to buy. After a few different stops, the fiancee and her Maid of Honor went to check out rings together while I was at the office (as usual).

Fortunately, in our random browsing, we discovered the type of rings we wanted and our ring sizes. This information allowed the wife-to-be and the MOH to make decisions without me being physically present. The end result was beautiful, complete with the proper engraving and a lifetime guaranty.

Now we have to fight the temptation to actually wear the new rings. It will be nice to finally bring them out for good in a few months.

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