100 days!

Yesterday Dave and I celebrated 100 days until the wedding on July 17th! We went to Crave on 36th Street in Astoria to try some of the other things on the menu. We were pleasantly surprised that the falafel and crispy bananas were as good as the burgers we had the first time we went there. How could bananas in phyllo dough with whipped cream and chocolate sauce not be amazing?

Since it was a beautiful night, we were able to sit outside and enjoy some people watching. The waitress was fine with us hanging around after we enjoyed our meal. The couple who sat down next to us was equally happy with their meal and experience at the restaurant. I am hoping that this place sticks around because it is a nice, small, casual place to grab a reasonably priced extremely tasty bite to eat.

While we were enjoying our dinner, I am pleased to say Jenn posted that Tim came through surgery!

It was a wonderful day to celebrate 100 days until the wedding!

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