Memorial Day Draws to a Close

So our holiday weekend is finally over. We spent a lazy afternoon having snacks outside and taking advantage of the great weather. After our bike ride, we played jai alai (yes, seriously) and decided to barbeque (for the third time this weekend) for dinner. Everything was great, and we topped it all off with ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Now we are ending the day with Star Wars: Episode II. I used to love the Star Wars movies as a child. I guess it was the draw of the science fiction and the idea of a different universe. Nowadays, it's the plot and story line that I find funny, but for completely different reasons. We've gotten to the bizarre "love story" portion of the movie with Anakin and's kind of hard to take the whole Darth Vader thing seriously.

Biking and Burgers!

So far, our holiday has consisted of a quick bike ride on the beach and some burgers on the barbeque. It's nice to have an extra day to relax, but it will feel odd starting the week on Tuesday. Hopefully, it will be cool later tonight for the end of our holiday weekend.

Memorial (Sun)Day

So the heat has arrived...I've decided to start posting on my own a little, due to a request from a very close friend.

Today didn't feel like Sunday, even though it was. The usual weekend rituals (breakfast, outdoor activities, etc.) ensued. We spent the afternoon/evening entertaining the Girl's friends and playing croquet in her backyard. Sometimes it's good to get together with her friends and hang out, but it is MUCH better when there's an extra "recovery day" built into the schedule. No matter who your company is, sometimes entertaining can be a full-time job unto itself. Overall, it was a good day and a nice break.

Tomorrow should be a relaxing holiday...hopefully we will take advantage of the time off and do something fun outdoors, but it depends on the weather...I guess we'll see what happens...

We felt like Forest Gump...

We just kept walking until we didn't feel like walking anymore. Yesterday, Dave and I took our Saturday walk. Basically that means we walk until we can't walk anymore. So we started out at the apartment in Astoria and headed toward the East River. From there, we walked across the Roosevelt Island Bridge onto Roosevelt Island. After finding our way through the farmer's market at the base of the bridge we walked along the East River past the 59th street bridge. We kept walking until we just didn't feel like walking anymore. I think our total walk there and back was approximately two hours. It was wonderful to be able to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

A Concert in the Park

So by accident we saw that guitar man from Central, really, that's what he calls himself.

We decided on a whim to take the train to the park. It was a nice, cool Saturday, so we figured we would take the opportunity to go for a walk in nature, right in the middle of the city. After a brief problem with transit that delayed us just a little, we got to the park and managed to walk about half its length.

We stopped at the lake and took in a concert by That Guitar Man from Central Park. He played everything from Beach Boys and Beatles classics to a song about Facebook being a "stupid idiot." Anyway, it was a nice change of pace from the normal daily routine.

For dinner, we decided to pick up Greek food from a local church festival. Not bad, and fairly affordable too. The gyro was so big we ended up saving some for later. Overall, a fairly relaxing day, especially by city standards.

Mother's Day 2010

We started off Mother's Day with a breakfast of Eggs Benedict and cold, cold weather! Apparently it feels like December in the beginning of May. Oh well. We did the present thing and made the Mother's Day phone calls too. Now it's off to dinner later and trying to stay warm.

In other news, the bride received her wedding gift yesterday. You will find out what it is when the wedding day comes. She seems really happy about it, and it will be a wonderful reminder of our special day.

Off to find more clothing and blankets...