A Concert in the Park

So by accident we saw that guitar man from Central Park...no, really, that's what he calls himself.

We decided on a whim to take the train to the park. It was a nice, cool Saturday, so we figured we would take the opportunity to go for a walk in nature, right in the middle of the city. After a brief problem with transit that delayed us just a little, we got to the park and managed to walk about half its length.

We stopped at the lake and took in a concert by That Guitar Man from Central Park. He played everything from Beach Boys and Beatles classics to a song about Facebook being a "stupid idiot." Anyway, it was a nice change of pace from the normal daily routine.

For dinner, we decided to pick up Greek food from a local church festival. Not bad, and fairly affordable too. The gyro was so big we ended up saving some for later. Overall, a fairly relaxing day, especially by city standards.

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