31 weeks 1 day...

Today we went for our growth scan. Our little one weighs 3.7 lbs and is right on target! It was wonderful to see his adorable face. he was holding his feet for much of the sonogram. Apparently, he is quite a flexible little one. According to the sonographer, he was doing practice breathing. (I'm not sure what that means...) He is very active and has a strong heart beat. His little hands and feet are adorable!

For the first time, I parked in expectant mother parking. I was just too tired to take a regular space. I truly appreciate stores that make this accommodation for us!

One of my wonderful students brought us a sweet outfit and baby bottle set for our little one. She was very proud of give us the gift. It was incredibly kind of her.

30 Weeks 6 Days...

Yes, this is how I tell time now. I can't wait for the arrival of our little one. However, I am perfectly content with him saying in there as long as possible. Last weekend we painted most of his room. We will be finishing up today. We finally settled on "Little Boy Blue" from Benjamin Moore. The Natura paint has no odor so, I'm able to help! I am not used to being unable to do things like move furniture, paint, and climb ladders. I was insistent that I must be able to paint the little one's room. Our big task is figuring out how to paint the baseboards without getting paint on the carpet.

Little Boy Blue
Last weekend, one of the hubby's friends came over to help us move some of our larger pieces of furniture. It's nice to start seeing our space in my parent's house take shape. We have moved most of my pre-pregnancy clothes as well as most of our Spring/Summer stuff. We are definitely getting closer to being completely done.

My friends from work had a shower for me on Friday night. I was absolutely wonderful! A coworker and his wife hosted it at their nautically themed house. (They also happen to be parents of one of my former students.) It was wonderful to kick back and enjoy time together away from work. A friend took some pictures so hopefully I'll be able to post those at some point. I was amazed at the generosity and creativity of my coworkers. They really went above and beyond. The hostess made a beautiful diaper cake with argyle diapers as well as three different types of nautical cookies (lighthouses, anchors, and boats). One of the secretaries made chocolate lollipops in the shape of sneakers and others that said "It's a boy!". The woman I share an I office with purchased whisks that said about to hatch as well as body wash and soap. The principal distributed paper boats to everyone on the faculty and staff to write messages to us. I can't wait to see them. At the moment, they are putting them into a little book for us!

7 Quick Takes

1- This week I discovered I can no longer comfortably reach my toes while standing. I always thought it was a great thing that I was flexible and able to bend and stretch. Now, not so much. The little one is growing!
2- I am enjoying sharing bits of pregnancy with my students. They enjoy asking about the baby and what it's like having a little person inside of you. They want to know exactly when he will be here, exactly how big he is, and exactly how much he can hear. It's quite cute.
3- We gave our notice to our landlady this week that we will be moving on May 1. No more NYC living for a little while. We aren't exactly sure where things will take us but, I'm sure it will all work out. Our landlady has been wonderful to us and was extremely disappointed that we are leaving.
4- As of Monday, it will be less than 80 days until our due date! I can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our little one. I'm  enjoying getting ready but, I also am enjoying knowing that he is safe and sound. Once he comes out, I will have much more to worry about!
5- We have pretty much picked out paint colors for the nursery. Our friends Sara and Matt are going to come over next Sunday to help us paint. I can't wait to see how it will look.
6- This week my cousin passed away suddenly so, we will be attending a funeral on Saturday morning. Things like this remind you to make sure you tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. He left for work in the morning and had a massive heart attack. His wife was notified by the police. Please pray for their family.
7- I've been trying to strategically pack for our move. We actually have far more stuff that I thought we did. We have been downsizing and giving things away but, I need to start to think of where we are going to put things. I was actually thinking of making a scale drawing of the new space we have available and seeing how everything would fit. We'll see how motivated I am this weekend.