31 weeks 1 day...

Today we went for our growth scan. Our little one weighs 3.7 lbs and is right on target! It was wonderful to see his adorable face. he was holding his feet for much of the sonogram. Apparently, he is quite a flexible little one. According to the sonographer, he was doing practice breathing. (I'm not sure what that means...) He is very active and has a strong heart beat. His little hands and feet are adorable!

For the first time, I parked in expectant mother parking. I was just too tired to take a regular space. I truly appreciate stores that make this accommodation for us!

One of my wonderful students brought us a sweet outfit and baby bottle set for our little one. She was very proud of give us the gift. It was incredibly kind of her.


  1. Awww I love seeing sonograms! So excited for you and your husband! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure practice breathing is where they 'breathe' the amniotic fluid, since they don't actually need to breathe until the cord is cut, because their oxygen comes through the blood. Or something. What a sweet little profile!

  3. What an adorable profile... such a sweet little baby growing in side you. So excited for you!