33 Weeks 6 Days...

Two weekends ago, my mother threw us a beautiful baby shower! Our friends and family were so generous. I was quite overwhelmed therefore, it's taken a bit of time to sort through all of the wonderful gifts and well wishes.

My cousins were kind enough to make an adorable champagne punch complete with a rubber duck floating in it! It kind of resembled this:
Unfortunately, most of the pictures are still on my friend's camera...
They also made tasty little pineapple and blueberry cheesecakes! The most exciting part of dessert for me was the wonderful cake with Cannoli filling. My maid of honor's mother made Madeline cookies! They are so tasty. We are so lucky to have wonderful family and friends to support us and celebrate with us.

My mother (the librarian) decided to ask each guest to bring a book to the shower to start the baby's bookshelf. We received many wonderful books including some of the hubby's favorites like Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. I can't to share these with the little one.


  1. Looks like such a fun shower, and the cake sounds delicious! My mom is a librarian too. :)