35 weeks pregnant....Let's move!

We've known since January that we would be moving to Long Island before the baby was born. Over the past the weeks, we have had several good friends help us with the move. Two of our friends have truly had some of the most interesting experiences with us during our moving adventure.

Our first adventure together was moving the mattress and box spring. Normal people, rent a van put in inside and drive. Did we? Of course not! Matt and the hubby decided to go buy some rope at the local hardware store and tie the mattress to the top of the Jeep. Mind you, Matt is an Eagle Scout so knots are his thing. But, less than one mile away from the apartment and approximately 21 miles away from our destination, the mattress started to fly off the top of the car while traveling at less than 25 miles an hour on a road where the speed limit was 55. If our adventure ended there, it would be a story for the record books.

We all decided to pull over and retie the mattress. The hubby would hold his side of the mattress down and we would continue on until we got to the viaduct (a narrow bridge with water on both sides), when the mattress was almost completely off the car. At this point, I am 8 months pregnant, driving the Jeep, and the hubby and I are holding down either side of the mattress. Despite the instability of the mattress, we kept driving. When we were less than a mile from our destination, we were stopped at a light and Sara comes  running down the side of the car suggesting that we should hold on tight because it was really coming off. All four of us and our mattress made it to our destination. But, we still needed to get the box spring there. Let's just say getting the box spring from point a to point b was much easier.

One would think after the mattress debacle our friend would have said forget these people they are out of their minds. Well, my dear friend Sara decided she would offer to help me do the last bits of packing and cleaning tonight after work. We arrived home did some marathon packing and cleaning. Then we decided we would load the Jeep and try to make a trip to the Island before the hubby got home from work. The weather in NY has been a little crazy...hot then cold...calm and windy. So, we were going in and out and of course what happens...the door slams shut. We are locked out. Our purses were in the apartment, the car keys were in the apartment, Sara's phone was in the apartment, and my cellphone was running out of batteries. On top of it all, the hubby was in the subway and our landlord was on a plane from LAX to JFK. Thankfully, Matt came to pick us up and take us to the Island to get our spare set of keys. By the time we returned home, the hubby was there. We tried to put the key in the door and the key wouldn't go in. Finally, we got a hold of the landlord's son who opened the door for us and we packed some more. We are almost done with the move with approximately 8 days to spare when all is said and done.

Here's hoping we can finish cleaning and get things wrapped up tomorrow! But first, some much need sleep, rest, and relaxation...Good night!

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