36 Weeks 3 days!

It was a crazy, windy day at Sunken Meadow Beach so, my hair looks ridiculous but, we still enjoyed our short trip! It will be lots of fun to bring our little one here in the summer months...

Well, I hit 36 weeks! This means more testing for both the baby and I. We will be at the doctor at least once a week until I deliver. This week and next week will be twice during the week. Today we met our pediatrician. She came highly recommended by a coworker. The practice was great. They have lots of availability as well as walk in hours where you don't even need an appointment. We finally got our act together and are mailing the preadmission paperwork to the hospital so, in the event this little one comes early we'll be set.

The hubby officially has his new job. He went today to get his paperwork filled out, gave his notice to his current job, and started the health insurance forms. Congrats hubby!


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    1. Thanks so much! We have had an Empire Pass for the last few years and enjoy visiting Sunken Meadow in the late Spring/early Fall when it's not too crowded.