A Beautiful & Productive Weekend

Friday Night we enjoyed a performance of Sacred Music by the performance groups at Martin Luther High School. Prior to the concert, we shared some gelato cake with other faculty members at MLHS. It was yummy!

Saturday was very busy. MLHS had its college workshop and college fair for juniors and their families. 27 colleges and universities were represented. It was a very successful morning. After the festivities at MLHS concluded,we went to the North Shore Country Club (where the reception will be held) to see it set up for a reception later that day. It was interesting to see some of the decorations that they had. We definitely need to get moving on the flowers. After that we went to Lion In The Sun to approve the invitation and get some ideas for the guest book. I have decided to attempt to make it myself over Easter Break. Hopefully, it works out.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We finally got to go out East. As we were driving out there, we realized we hadn't been out there since we got engaged in July. Unfortunately, when we got to Montauk, they were having the St. Patrick's Day parade so the town was packed with people. We took a quick drive out to the lighthouse then went to Hither Hills to escape the craziness. It was wonderful! We had the whole beach to ourselves. We found a wonderful spot between the dunes that blocked the wind so we were able to sit and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Despite sunblock and my big floppy hat, I still got a bit of a burn. Oops!

After we left Montauk, we headed to Riverhead so Dave could have Pizza Hut. I am not sure why but, he loves it. To appease me, we stopped by the outlets on the way home. I picked up an ice cream scoop. I can't wait to make use of it in the coming weeks!

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