A Trip to Long Island

Today, I went out to Long Island to drop off some software for my brothers and have lunch with some friends from high school.

While at my current job, I've heard many people tell me how far it was from my parents' house and how long it took to get anywhere. I never really thought about it until today.

I haven't been out to the island in a few weeks. I've been enjoying city life. Most of all, I've been enjoying not having to take the car everywhere. I love the freedom that comes with being in walking distance of almost everything you could possibly want.

I basically drove the length of the island today to pick up a friend, get lunch, and then go shopping at the outlets. For the first time, I am tired of driving!!! Driving used to be the way I relaxed, I guess I'm slowly but surely turning into a city girl.

I enjoy being with 9 million strangers and watching the various antics of city dwellers. I enjoy watching my neighbor across the street bring his lawn chair out to the sidewalk to sit like he were in his backyard. I like that I can go outside and see something different everyday.

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  1. I just found your blog...I can relate about the driving thing. I'm originally from Georgia. Used to LOVE driving the long open roads! But when we moved North, now Massachusetts, the starting and stopping, and starting and stopping, at light after light after light..took the fun out of it!! ^_^ ... I look forward to future posts.