A Summery Celebration

Tonight, we went to my parents house on Long Island.

Yes, we battled the ridiculous Saturday Eastbound LIE traffic.

Yes, it took over an hour to get there.

Yes, it was worth it!

We had an evening filled with seafood, family, citronella candles, and figs! (I didn't actually eat any but, took some off of our fig tree in the yard.)

We got the fig tree from a neighbor of ours many years ago. We used to have to cover it up in the winter, so it wouldn't get cold. I always thought the amount of work we put into that tree was ridiculous. Now, we have tons of figs!
Confession: I have never eaten a fig. But, I figure I might try one since we have several sitting in our fridge.

One of the other phenomena in my yard is the surprising amount of citronella candles we have. Apparently, my mother found citronella votives. Now, every candle is a citronella candle! This worked out really well for the hubby and I since we kept getting eaten by the bugs.
Despite the bugs, we enjoyed a wonderful lobster dinner courtesy of my father and his friend. My father's friend used to work in a lobster house years ago and still has connections to the industry. Tonight, we were treated to Maine Lobster, shrimp, and clams. We also had huge, sweet corn on the cob. The highlight of the evening was that we got to use the lobster crackers that someone gave us in our wishing well! (Thank you whoever that was!)
The whole evening was a wonderful send off for the youngest, who is leaving for college. It is kind of a big change around my house to have all of us out on our own. For 27 years, my parents have had kids around. It will be interesting to see what the year will bring.

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  1. Citronella candles NEVER worked for us! Ha! Ha! It was almost as if they were bug ATTRACTORS!!...I am a fan of seafood though!! Shrimp especially. Sounds like a good time! And now your parents will have all kinds of time to light candles!!! :-)