It's Friday!!

Even though I am on summer vacation, I still get excited for the weekend because that means that the hubby is home for two whole days!

Earlier in the week, I got myself a Queens Library card. So, this morning I made my second trip to the library to return the DVDs I borrow and to see about taking out a book. The library here is a bit different from the libraries on Long Island because you don't have to interact with a library employee to take out books. It is all automated!!!! You just stack up the books on this sensor, lay your card down on the sensor, and you're good to go! On Long Island, there are still ladies that check out your books. Some libraries still have a stamp with the date!

After the adventure in the library, I decided I would take the train into Manhattan. I kind of feel like I'm a tourist in my own city! I made it to Herald Square and decided I would walk through Macy's. Low and behold they are having a "One Day Sale". Since I was there rather early, there wasn't much of crowd in the women's section. I was able to pick up a bunch of tops for $6.99!!! Super exciting!!! When I went downstairs to try to find some dress shirts for the hubby, I found the crowd. Apparently, there was some kind of Clearance on Men's Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves. People were going crazy. (This is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.) I managed to find a register tucked away in the corner of the store where there was no line. Within five minutes, I was out of the crazy store and back on 34th Street.

Now, what should I do? Those of you that know me know that I have been having an issue with my capri jeans. Namely, I lost weight before the wedding. Now, they fall off and look ridiculous with the belt pulled as tight as it should be. So, I decided I would try look for some capris at Old Navy. Unfortunately, it appears I missed the summer sales and have wandered into back to school shopping. Needless to say, no capri pants. The search continues and I head back to Astoria.

Normally, I would have rather hung around the city but, I needed to return home to wait for the UPS man. Apparently, when I changed my name on one of my credit cards they decided to be super nice and send my the new card right away via overnight mail. They only problem is someone has to be here to receive it. So, I missed the UPS man yesterday and I will wait today. The note on the door has a window of 2pm -5pm. Hopefully he is early so, I can take my walk to the river and be back before the hubby gets home.

The plan for tonight is to go to an outdoor movie and BBQ at St. Joseph's Church. We are trying to find a church that is a good fit for us. It would be fun to find a church that is vibrant with activities to go to. I'm not even sure what movie they are showing tonight but, if it doesn't work out we are only a couple of blocks from home. We shall see !

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