A Vacation in Our City!

Today, the hubby and I went to Union Square to check out the Green Market. We researched it on Yelp and New Yorker Magazine and discovered that the subway that is right near the apartment went directly there! The reviews told us that we weren't likely to find "a great deal" on produce in comparison to the market in our area but, the Green Market is a great place to take pictures!
One of the most impressive things about the green market was the beautiful flower vendors! I loved the variety of sunflowers. There were even these flowers that looked like brains. Toward the end of our time at the market we found a vendor that had the most incredible Calla Lilies.
Near the booth with the Calla Lilies, there was a vendor with sheep's wool yarn and other "sheepy" things. This vendor seemed to be popular as people were referring to the vendor as "my sheep herder". Maybe when the weather turns cooler and I feel like knitting again this would be a fun place to get some natural yarn.
The fruit and veggies were absolutely beautiful! I never imagined that the market would have so many choices. We were able to get two pounds of apples for $1.00. I have to say that it was a little sad seeing all the apples because that means that summer is ending and fall is beginning.
For may city dwellers, Fall is a good thing because you are no longer enduring the obscenely hot temperatures in the subway. It is once again enjoyable to sit in the sun and have brunch in the sidewalk cafes. However, for teachers, Fall means the return to school, work, grading papers, and early morning wake up calls.

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  1. WOW!! A place with flowers and yarn. 2 Of my favorite things!!!!...AND fruit! YUM! ^_^