Lazy Sunday

We spent today lounging around the apartment watching the beginning of season two of Mad Men and various other movies. It was wonderful to spend time together in our home. This was the first weekend since the wedding that we didn't have any planned events that we had to attend.
It was a good time to catch up on our wedding thank you notes. I ordered them from Kodak Gallery a few weeks ago and they finally arrived. We did about half of them today. I tried to get the hubby to do all of his family so that way I can do my family during the week and get them sent out.

All of the movies we watched today had a character that travels somewhere. I love seeing pretty, foreign places. One of the cheezier movies we watched today was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One of the reasons why I love the movie is because one of the main characters travels to Greece. The scenery is beautiful. I hope to get there one day. I'm a sucker for coastlines.

A Cup of Jo referenced another blog about blueberries and lobster in Maine. Since we spent part of our honeymoon in Portland and Bar Harbor, I can't help but smile at the beautiful pictures on this post.

I've been subconsciously living a Maine life recently. I've been making blueberry tea and made blueberry bars a couple of days ago. The hubby had Bar Harbor Blueberry Soda when we were at dinner with our friends. We enjoyed Maine lobster last night. Maybe this is a sign we should go back soon... Here are some of my favorite Maine pictures.

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  1. I think nights at home with my hubby, just playing board games or watching movies, are such of the best times I've had over our 28 years together! I hope you continue to find this true with your hubby too! :-)...Maine is a beautiful state...especially if you love looking at the water. And I do!