PIZZA NIGHT!!! A meal from El Molino

It was pouring rain tonight, so rather than try to cook or go out, we decided to order in from a place called El Molino Mexican Grill & Pizzeria. We spotted it on the way to another restaurant the other day and found out that they have a great deal on pizza: $9.99 for a large pie and a 2 liter of coke. Pretty good for a large pizza in this part of the city.

Well, as you can see, the pizza looked great when it arrived. A slight miscommunication on the street address led to a small delay in getting our food. But no big deal, a nice deliveryman managed to get the correct address and the pizza got here as planned and was quite tasty!

Apparently El Molino is new in the neighborhood so we may check it out for the actual Mexican fare at some point. I'd definitely recommend it so far (so would the hubby, as he was fighting the urge for more slices after his initial 2).

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