A Rainy Monday

The rain has arrived. So, far it has been raining on and off for two days. In true New York tradition, there is flooding. The foundations of a couple of houses in New Hyde Park were washed away. The parkways and highways are flooded in the usual areas. The LIRR is suspended on all lines in both directions through the Jamaica.

I am so lucky! I don't have to go anywhere! I am warm and dry, tucked away in our little apartment!

I decided earlier to take the car for a spin. Since the weather has cooled for significantly, the tire pressure light in my car was on. Is this the first sign of Fall? I'm not sure how I feel about Fall being here so early. I'm hoping we get a few more beach days in before the start of school.

While out and about, I took a ride over to Michael's. Yes, I know I said after the wedding, I would never go in there again. To my surprise, Michael's has Halloween and Christmas decorations out! Don't you think it is a little bit early??

Due to the rain, I decided to avoid going stir crazy and embrace the Fall-ish weather. I purchased several flowers, a basket, and some grape vine to make my Autumn decorations for the apartment.

Here's what I came up with:

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