Guest Blogger: Carolyn

From the 1/2's Perspective

As those of you who were at the wedding know, and those who may not have been may not but soon will come to understand the meaning of the title...

When I met Liz & Dave (many moons ago) we had a connection that I can't really put into words. The two of them have been my "rock" through so many difficult things in my life and have been there for me through so many highs as well...I hope I can just be as good a friend to them as they've been to me over the years. This connection made it so we would term each other the "1 1/2 Dates" it's not like the "3rd Wheel" when I am with them. And it's one of the MANY reasons I love them both so dearly.

So since July 17, 2010 I have said I would overcome some fears that I have had in my life...ONE driving in queens. What better way to overcome the fear then to drive in for dinner and a movie with your best friend!

So I ventured into the city. My darling Lizbeth was having her first experience in a Laundromat while I was frantically calling to say I'm here and I'm trying to find somewhere to park and I am not very good at parallel parking so can you come help me...well when she got back to me I was evidently headed towards the river since I kept driving till I could find a spot. Lucky for me she found me a spot and we were on our way!

Met David at his office so we could get a gift certificate from him and headed off to the restaurant. Very nice, cozy place, good bread, AWESOME glasses and good meal...BEST OF ALL...the company!!

After dinner Lizbeth treated me to my very first "giant cupcake" from a place across from her house that carries them from "Crumbs". SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!

I hadn't been to Liz & Dave's since December and they've really made their place "their own". It's so them if you haven't been there. And I felt LOVED to see my picture with my 2 halves on their mantle. You guys know how to make a girl feel loved.

So, we settled down into watching a movie "Precious" and Dave got home a little while later and watched it with us. All in all a "rough movie" it's not a "feel good type". Disappointment came with the ending, would have liked one of those "And Precious went on to be a movie star..." kind of updates of what happened after the fact.

But the point and the moral to this is that I got to spend my first day in Queens when I could really enjoy it with 2 of the greatest people imaginable. Needless to say as long as Liz & Dave are there I'll venture in again.

If you haven't had a "giant cupcake" you don't know what good is yet!!

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  1. Hello 1/2!! Nice to meet you. How great to have good friends that you love and that love you so much that they don't make you feel out of their loop!...Never had a giant cupcake. Looks like you might NEED a good help you eat it!!! ^_^