What can you do with an hour in Astoria?

An hour in Astoria can take many forms. You can walk to Roosevelt Island and back. You can grab a bite to eat with friends. Or, you can do what I did today.

I decided I would start changing my name on things. I had read on Facebook that people had an easy time changing their names on credit cards. In a half hour, I changed my name on three cards. Then I decided since I was on such a roll, I would try to get a library card. I gathered all of the appropriate documentation, lease agreement, marriage license, and drivers license and headed down to the library. The library is about five blocks from the apartment. So, five minutes after arriving at the library I had a library card and had checked out three DVDs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the book I was looking for so I headed to the used book store two blocks away. While I was meandering down Broadway, I got a call from a friend so we chatted a bit while I located and purchased the book. Now, I've been super productive...On the way home I stopped at Dunkin for a frosty treat...YUM! Coffee Coolata!

Now, I sit and wait for our visitor to come ... I hope she finds parking !

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  1. Such fun in the city, isn't it?! Everyhing within walking distance...and drinking distance! YUM for the coffee coolata!!