Busy Bee!

Today, I went in to work for a meeting with the principal. This took several hours and several sheets of paper. The good news is the meeting was super productive but, so much for easing back into the school year.

After finishing the meeting, I went to visit my flower girl and her brothers. I am always amazed by how quickly little people grow. My flower girl is going into the fourth grade. She is shooting up like a weed. Her youngest brother is going into preschool and the middle brother is going into first grade. They are all so excited about the start of school. It appears that private school uniforms have gotten more strict as the years have gone by. The youngest little guy informed me that while he can wear whatever he wants, he can only wear white bottomed sneakers with velcro that do not light up. My flower girl also informed me that they may only wear navy blue uniform shoes. Interesting... we definitely didn't have those rules when I was in grade school.

When I came home from hanging out with my little ones, I quickly ran to the store to get the ingredients for Smitten Kitten's Blueberry Crumb Bars . They were super easy to make and tasty.

Upon Dave arriving home, Dave, myself and the bars went to dinner at our friend's apartment in Glendale. It was super yummy. We had a wonderful time catching up after our summer adventures.

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  1. Yep! I'm afraid the expression "back to the grind" is becoming true for you!...Good to have friends around though, to break up the monotony! :-)