Where did the time go?

It seems like only yesterday I was going out on maternity leave. Now, Charlie is three months old. I have taken a leave of absence from my job. Summer is over. The teachers and students are headed back to school.

One thing I have realized in my three short months as a mother is that you can't rush things. Inevitably every time Charlie and I try to go out in a hurry, he shows me that this is just not how it is done with an infant. He has discovered that he LOVES to wait all day until I put him in his car seat to have an explosive poop. It is almost like he knows I'm in a hurry. It is his little not so subtle way to tell me that I need to slow down and smell the [poop] as it is in our case.

I've been thinking about my pregnancy and Charlie's first couple of weeks. I miss both stages but, I love where he is now. It is hard to imagine that this wonderful little person was the size of a grain of rice when we saw him for the first time on the sonogram screen. I often wonder what he will sound like when he talks, what he will look like when he is the same as his uncles, and what he will become when he grows up.

As often as I wonder, I try to keep my mind in the present and cherish each little smile, coo, and tear because I know someday he will be grown up and I will miss this little bundle. Photobucket


  1. Stopping over from the Mommy Brain Mixer! Yes, time does go by so fast...my little one year old is sooo fun though, and I am loving this stage! I was a teacher also and have taken two years off to be with my son...we will see what I decide next fall!

  2. It does go by in a flash! Thanks for linking this to the Mommy Brain Mixer!!