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Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Charlie and I usually spend a lot of time together since we are home alone most of the time. On Friday in an endeavor to make some new friends we went to a "meetup" at the local park. Unfortunately, only one person showed up. Interestingly, she and I went to the same high school and her husband is a colleague of my mother's. Nothing like small town living! Her daughter is almost two years old and she is an art teacher. This year because of budget cuts she'll only be working part time which is great for me since she lives near by and seems to enjoy doing things like going to the park/library.

Over the weekend, Charlie got to use his crab pool outside for the first the time. He was a little apprehensive at first but, he ended up having lots of fun splashing in the pool. Maybe he'll be a water baby like mommy!

I have to say that Charlie is such a good baby. He is mild mannered and generally happy as long as he is snuggled and can see his mommy/daddy. He cries only when he really needs something. He gives us lots of cues well before he cries so, his needs can be met without the hysterics.

On Saturday, the hubby and I had to run a bunch of errands so, the little guy had to come with us. I always feel bad putting him in his car seat for a prolonged period of time. We managed to make it to the bakery, the caterer, Home Depot, the mall, Target, and lunch. He took a great nap and only woke up to nurse after lunch.

On Sunday, we went to Mass and the little one was awake the ENTIRE TIME! (This never happens.) He sat up on my lap, looked around, and listened to everything that was going on. I was so impressed!
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  1. So glad I found you through Mommy Moments!!!!

    Following you :)

  2. It is always nice to find another parent and child that like doing the same things.

  3. How cute!! Thanks for linking up:)

  4. So glad you got to try the pool outside!

    I feel guilty about all the carseat trips, too! Poor third baby goes in the car a lot more, too.

    Glad you found a new friend to have playdates with.