7 Quick Takes

1. I've been bitten by the Fall bug! I want to make decorations, sip Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and take Charlie apple/pumpkin picking! (FYI - Pumpkin Spice Lattes arrive September 4th!!!!) 


2. I cannot believe it is going to be 90 today despite the cool weather in the 50s the last two days. 

3. It will be so nice to have the hubby home for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!! I have no idea what the plans are but, maybe we'll break out the picnic basket and take Charlie to the park. 

4. Charlie is really starting to make A LOT of sounds. He really loves to "talk". 

5. We got Charlie a Rhino Oball yesterday and he loves it. He really enjoys toys that he can grab and shake. 
6. Another toy Charlie loves at the moment is his Cabbage Patch Kid since it has a rattle in it. He enjoys bouncing it around with this feel, staring at its eyes, and putting its hands in his mouth. 
Sorry it's so blurry...Camera phone + Moving baby

7. Charlie is rolling a lot more from him belly to his back. He also is picking his head up nice and high. It is like a switch just turned on one day and now this is his thing. He hated being on his tummy for tummy time until a week or two ago. 

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