Lessons In Parenting: Why won't my infant nap?

Our little one pretty much spent the first month of his life napping and I spent the first month of his life waking him up to nurse as per my pediatrician's instructions. Now, he is sleeping approximately five hours a night however, his napping is suffering.

I feel like I spend all day trying to get him down for a nap because he gets so overtired. The poor kid is miserable. He will fall asleep nursing but, as soon as I put him down its over. If I could just hold him all day we'd be in good shape.

Today, I feel like we've had a break through (YAY!). I nursed him until he fell asleep as usual. I walked him upstairs to his crib. During this time, he (of course) woke up. I put him in his swaddle me, made the room dark, and voila! Five minutes later...he was asleep!

Last month he really hated the swaddle me so we put it away until recently when he started scaring himself with his hands. Now, it appears that the "little burrito thing" is the only way he'll sleep!

I'm trying to focus on this small victory to help me keep my sanity because as all moms know a screaming, cranky infant is no fun! Here's hoping he'll stay asleep a little longer despite the fact that the gardeners just showed up. UGH!

As I hit post the little guy woke up.

I've been reading "Beyond The Sling" by Mayim Bialik (Blossom) - review to come later. She's a big fan of attachment parenting. I was gifted a Moby by my friend at Catholiclovebirds. It is absolutely my secret weapon. I can take the little one anywhere and I don't have to worry about the stroller. Therefore, I usually keep it in my diaper bag. I almost forgot how well Charlie naps in it...off to go get my secret weapon!
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