7 Quick Takes

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  1. This week I finally acknowledged that the summer is coming to an end and school will be starting soon. I've been avoiding making a decision as to whether I will be going back to work in September. I have decided to take a leave of absence.
  2. As a result of taking a leave of absence, I need to find something to do with my time in terms of having a social life during the day time hours. Yes, I will be caring for Charlie but, I also need to care for myself. Part of that is making friends. However, how do you make friends as a stay at home mom?
  3. Earlier in the week, I took Charlie to have his portrait taken for his upcoming Baptism. It was fun to put him in his outfit. He won't be wearing that for the actual Baptism simply because we have an heirloom gown that he will be wearing.
  4. One of the challenges of not working for the next year will be finances. Even still, it will be important for us to find things to do as a family/as a couple. I can't wait for Mandi's link up next week for new date ideas.
  5. We've finally gotten into the groove of taking Charlie to Mass thanks to our family friend. He was offered a blog on Patheos. Check it out! 
  6. I've been thinking of "outside of the box" employment opportunities.  I would ideally like to have Charlie with me and be able to use some creativity. Any ideas?
  7. This has been an emotionally draining week. I think this blogger hit the nail on the head.  "What do you struggle with most as a parent?  How do you manage to take care of your kids and still have time/energy for your own work or creative outlet? "


  1. Are there Catholic play groups in your area? That might be a good way to make friends!

    1. Not as far as I know...everything is for mom's with older babies or they provide babysitting while the moms do Bible study - not OK with me....

  2. I went to a mom's group while I was in Raleigh. Check out meetup.com for some groups in your area! As for at-home job opportunities, you can do online tutoring and you can also make a bit (not a ton, but every bit helps) with survey sites, swagbucks, etc. (I've written about a few of the ways I do this here: http://catholicnewlywed.blogspot.com/2012/04/7-quick-takes-friday-take-53.html )