Cloth Diaper Developments

After two days of Cloth Diapering, the time has come to do some laundry. We purchased Rock in Green detergent. We also received two sample of Bumgenius Detergent when we ordered from Cottonbabies.  I have to say that after one wash I can see the difference between Rock In Green detergent and Bumgenius Detergent. The Rock In Green got all of the yellow tinge out of the diapers from the poop however, the Bumgenius Detergent left the tinge.

Washing diapers is not nearly as terrible as one would imagine. I simply emptied our wet/dry bag into the washer. Put it on quick rinse to get the yuckies off. Once that was finished, I put in two tbsp of the detergent, set it on hot with a second rinse, and GO! After that, I separated out my covers to air dry. Threw the rest of the inserts into the dryer and waited. The whole process was relatively quick and painless.

I have to say that I don't know how I would have been able to cloth diaper if I were still living in our apartment since, we didn't have access to a washer except at the laundromat. This would be an entirely different ball game if I had to hand wash all of these. I know people do it but, I don't think I could.

On Sunday night, the hubby began asking about the cloth diapers. This is so exciting to me because at the beginning of all of this he was so dead set against he. He took it upon himself to learn how to put the insert into the cover and what to do with it when it was soiled. I showed him the difference between covers and inserts, pocket diapers, and all in ones. He quickly discovered that cloth diapers were not any more difficult then disposables! YAY! (I have to say the fact that they save money was also a big plus.)

At the moment our stash is:
8 flip covers
16 stay dry inserts
12 doublers
4 Bumgenius 4.0
1 Bumgenius Freetime
1 Govia One Size Cover
4 Bumkins One Size Cover
4 Swaddlebees Simplex All In One One Size (en route)

I think we are complete, unless I find something too cute to pass up.

I chose to get a bunch of all in ones because they are easy to use, if the little one has to go to a babysitter or stay with someone who doesn't want to cloth diaper. (We do have a bunch of disposables thanks to my in-laws so, those will certainly come in handy when going on day trips or visiting.)

In the coming weeks/months, I hope to make some cloth wipes and cloth diapers. Obviously I'll be starting with the cloth wipes first. The diapers will definitely take more sewing skills than I have at the moment.

*Here's a great link from babycenter with lots of cloth diaper sewing links
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  2. I just bought a ton of baby was cloths at the dollar store (I think they were 6 or 8 for a dollar) and use them as cloth wipes. They work great for us and are still going strong 8 months later!

    Glad it's going well! I agree with you, I know some people cloth diaper while using a laundry mat, but I just can't imagine that being time or cost effective!

  3. Yay, glad it's going well! It's so nice to read about this since I'm planning on cloth diapering but still feel lost about how it works.

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