Budget Date Ideas

I met my hubby in March of 2002. We were married in July 2010. We dated all through college and grad school. We've been on LOTS of dates and know how to have a good time without spending much money.

We went to dinner several times together. Generally, we went for Thai food or some other variety of Asian food. Our first date was supposed to be to a Thai restaurant in Dickson City, PA. However, I had the stomach flu but, I didn't want to cancel. I suggested we go to Friday's instead. Unfortunately, the hubby had to take me home in the middle of dinner because I was too sick.

We've done a lot of outdoor dates since I enjoy being by the water. At the very beginning of our relationship we went hiking at Bushkill Falls in PA with another couple. We enjoy going to the beach together which is usually followed by dinner at a clam bar or other fish restaurant. A few years ago, we obtained a State park pass so we've gone to almost every park within driving distance of my parent's house. Parks are great because you can bring your own lunch and spend the day being as active or inactive as you would like. In our case the state parks pass is incredibly economical because once you've gone to a park 9 times, you've more than gotten your money back.

Another one of our favorite things to do is going to free concerts outdoors. The hubby and I were both involved in music in college therefore bringing your own blanket and listening to some wonderful music is really appealing. Sometimes the local Philharmonic even includes fireworks at the end of their concert.

Since there are always those times when you feel like staying in we've enjoyed cooking special meals together. Generally, dinner will be followed by board game night or movie night. One of our favorite games is Scrabble. Often times we find ourselves enjoying old movies that we watched together in college.

You may be wondering why I am writing this post ... well I know a bunch of ladies were looking for new date ideas. Hope these helped! On August 8,  Mandi @ CatholicNewlywed will be hosting a link up with lots of more specific ideas.

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