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World Breastfeeding Week ended on Wednesday. As a result, Moby sponsored a twitter party where I got some really great information. I shared it in a post on Thursday. Many of the links would have been great to have a couple of months ago when Charlie was born. Hopefully, it can help some other new moms.
I adore my Moby. This week Charlie has been extra clingy so, I wouldn't have been able to get anything done without it. There are so  many wonderful things about babywearing. My favorite is snuggling and bonding with my little one. During the twitter party, Moby gave a great link about all of the benefits of babywearing.
I've been given a lot of thought as to how we can teach Charlie to pray. I would love to pray together as a family nightly. We never prayed as a family except at the dinner table. When we were little we prayed before bed but, that went the way of the dinosaur unless we did it on our own. Does anyone have any resources to help us?
We have a ton of religious paraphernalia that we get in the mail from various orders seeking donations. What do you do with it? I feel badly throwing it out. Does anyone take donations of that kind of stuff?
Back to School advertising is in full boom. Please consider making a donation of school supplies to students in need either through your parish or your local school. In addition, please consider taking part in "Give With Target". If you need a school to choose, Martin Luther School in Maspeth, NY would benefit greatly from every vote!  "Simply choose a K-12 school in our list of eligible schools and vote for it weekly through September 8 or when $2.5 million in Target GiftCards® have been awarded, whichever occurs first. A school will receive a $25 Target GiftCard for every 25 votes received during the Promotion Period; up to a maximum of $10,000 in gift cards."
We are still looking at cloth diapering as a means to save money. We got a few Flips covers and inserts from friends who didn't want/need them any more. Hopefully, we'll be able to use them!
Charlie is being Baptized on Saturday! It will be a private, family only Mass. Our friend will preside. 


  1. Did you see the convo about praying in Cathsorority earlier this week? There are some great pointers there. We found it easiest to pray scripted prayers in the beginning to get us going. We started with dinner prayers, then added in devotional books, the rosary, etc. Now we do all of that but also do 'freestyle' prayers too, though my husband is way more comfortable with those than I am. I prefer scripted. We pray at our meals together and before bed. We switch between prayer types so it doesn't get stale.

  2. Yay for Charlie being baptized this weekend! :) You can probably donate the religious items to somewhere like Goodwill. I have seen a ton of religious items there, and have even bought a few!

  3. Hi! In regards to #3, you might find this blog post helpful. I follow this blog, and it has a wealth of wisdom, much of it I have yet to explore. You can find nearly anything you are looking for on raising children, homemaking, and life in general- all from a Catholic perspective.
    here's the link to the post on praying with your child(ren): http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/2011/09/as-convert-with-no-collective-memory-to.html