Weekend Getaway: St. Michaels, Maryland - Southern Living

Weekend Getaway: St. Michaels, Maryland - Southern Living
This weekend while celebrating Mom T's birthday, we ventured back to St. Michaels for lunch and shopping. We have been to the Carpenter Street Saloon for lunch on our last two trips out there. It is definitely a bar with a dining room BUT the food is fantastic. Apparently, Southern Living mentioned this Saloon in an article awhile back. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it, but the article above gives some highlights of the area.

On the way back we stopped at a wonderful market that had lots of Amish goodies, candies, veggies, and best of all CARAMEL CORN! Their caramel corn may be some of the best that I have ever had. (We had a tough decision to make between the caramel corn and the kettle corn.) I've only had kettle corn once in my life (while I was in Cali.). I am anxious to try it again soon. For now, this caramel corn will suffice.

The Queensland outlets are also on the way back to the T's house so we stopped off at LL Bean. Let's just say they were having one of the best sales I have every seen. I got two brand new t-shirts for three dollars each! Also, I was able to get a lovely new skirt for seven dollars! I can't wait to put them away for next summer.

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