Feeling safe

Feeling safe is a luxury that I have grown accustomed to. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times that I have felt unsafe in my home or at work. I have been very lucky to feel secure without much intervention besides locking the door/windows.

Our neighbors have gone away on an extended vacation. They left their son home but, apparently they felt the need to leave a mannequin in the window. This helps them feel safe. Personally, as long as things are locked (windows and doors) at night, I feel safe. Others buy security doors, security alarms, and keep things by the door to make them feel safe.

Another one of our neighbors has a yellow lab, that obviously helps them feel safe because the dog barks when the mail arrives (every morning, same mailman) and when random people walk by. Interestingly from the time we moved in the dog never barked at us. In fact, he greets me when I return home from work with a wagging tail asking to be played with.  As I type this, the mail has arrived. 

I often wonder how my students can function everyday because many of them live in areas where they say they feel unsafe. However, at this point in their lives, they have little control over their situations. The ir safety issues come from outside their homes. Gangs, street violence, robbery, extreme poverty. Obviously when they come to school and they enter a Christian environment where they feel safe and loved they experience a sense of freedom. (This often explains their childish behavior because they don't have to be afraid all of the time in school.)

Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived in a place where we could feel safe all of time?

Proverbs 23-27
With all vigilance guard your heart,
for in it are the sources of life.
* Dishonest mouth put away from you, 
deceitful lips put far from you.

Let your eyes look straight ahead
and your gaze be focused forward.
Survey the path for your feet,
and all your ways will be sure.
Turn neither to right nor to left,
keep your foot far from evil.

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