Barnstable Village’s Haunted & History Walking Tour

So, my cousins are into Ghost hunters and all kids of paranormal stuff. They thought it would be a fun way to spend an evening in Cape Cod. 
So after dinner, the bunch of us crowded into two cars and headed to the Coast Guard museum to meet up with our tour. (FYI -the tour leaves from the Old Jail located exactly next to the museum.) We walked through Barnstable and heard about the Whigs and the Loyalists. We even saw a building with a "Garnett" listed as a current attorney. (This was very exciting to us.) We went to Barnstable Tavern & Restaurant. The tour guide did a great job of getting the kids on the tour into it without completely scaring them to death. 

As it got dark, and we headed to the cemetery, I was really glad my mom had brought bug spray and that the hotel lady gave us flash lights before we left. The only thing we forgot was SNEAKERS! Oh well, I'm a flip flop kind of girl so it was fine. 

The tour was a bit over two hours. The outdoor portions warranted a sweatshirt and long pants. The  tour ends in the Old Jail where you definitely need shorts and a t-shirt in the Summer. If you are not a far of tiny, hot spaces the Old Jail portion is NOT for you! 
Cobb's Hill Cemetary Haunted walking tour

The tour begins at nightly at 7pm except for Monday and Friday evenings from April to November.
TIME: 7:00PM
Price: $15.00 adults,  $8.00 children 8-12yrs old
Tours Begins at:
                           US. Coast Guard Heritage Museum / Old Jail
                           3353 Main Street (6A)
                           Barnstable, MA 02630
Parking:  in front of the Old Jail on the grass.

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