Back from Cali!

Well, I'm back from California. I had a fantastic time celebrating the marriage of two of our good friends and seeing all that Southern California had to offer.
-A LA Dodgers game where they put "Congratulations Matt & Sara!" on the billboard.
-A trip to Malibu to go to the beach at Point Dume where we saw a sea lion.
-A trip to Balboa Island to enjoy a frozen banana.
-Time together enjoying the company of new and old friends.

While I was gone, the hubby rearranged the apartment. He moved the TV closer to the window so we can get more channels using our antenna. (No, we do not have cable. Yes, we survive without it.) An added advantage to the move, is that we now have more room for the dining table and chairs. It will be nice to have friends over for dinner once we are in town for more than a few days.

This weekend we are headed to MD to celebrate the hubby's parents' birthdays. Both of which happen to be at the beginning of August. Upon returning home, I am headed to Cape Cod to spend time with my family and my cousins.

It is hard to believe that it is August already! I can't believe I will be headed back to school FULL TIME in just a few weeks! I have spent the summer getting ready for the school year, meeting with middle school staff, and planning curricula for the coming year. It certainly will be an active year. (Other faculty member and I have toyed with other ways to describe this coming year and active was the most accurate.) It certainly will be interesting, busy, crazy, hard, long, tiring...but, we will be doing much for the students, their families, and the community.

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