Mother Nature Has Lost Her Mind

I believe the title of this blog post sums it all up. "Mother nature has lost her mind!" New Yorkers do not do well with the unexpected. For instance, the earthquake earlier this week really was not that strong that it should have caused all of the commotion it did. Yes, it was unexpected. No, in 27 years the hubby and I have never experienced an earthquake (that we were able to feel). But, really? Now, mother nature wants to throw a hurricane into the mix! I know we've had hurricanes before and it isn't going to hit us as hard as it is other parts of the country but, the fact that the Mayor is considering evacuating parts of NYC and shutting down mass transit is making people a little crazy. At the moment, there are no batteries, flashlights, lanterns, candles, or matches in our neighborhood. I purchased one of the last gallons of milk in the grocery store. There are no parking spaces in the parking lot at the grocery store. Con Ed (power and gas company) appear to be doing some maintenance on the man holes. NYC Parks Department still has not picked up the tree from last weekends storm. Our neighbor has his boat stuck in the middle of the street. In short, people are going bonkers.

During yesterday's rain, we discovered the downspout on my parents house is blocked by something so I am waiting for my friend to procure an extension ladder and a van so we can go and attempt to unclog it before the storm this weekend. Our plan is to wait it out here in Eastern Queens. We checked the NYC OEM website and we are not in an evacuation zone. So unless things get super crazy, we will be fine where we are. NYC says that we should expect power outages, flooding, and one more thing I can't remember. Realistically, we are expected to get somewhere around 12 inches of rain and high winds.

Generally, my parents on Long Island lose power when it simply rains. So, we are assuming that they will definitely we without power. Yesterday, we took all of the stuff in the basement and made sure it was in plastic containers and up off the floor. As for our apartment, we haven't lost power yet and we haven't had any water issues yet. (Keyword: yet)

I read a bunch of newlywed blogs and while we aren't newlyweds anymore (sad face) according to most people. This week we will have experienced our first earthquake and first hurricane as a married couple. Last year we experience our first tornado and our first blizzard(s) as a married couple. I am beginning to believe that they should add "in good weather and in bad weather" to the marriage vows.

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