New Yorkers Fleeing State

New Yorkers Fleeing State
I found this timely since I will have spent more time out of New York State than in the state during the months of July and August. Frequently the hubby and I discuss the possibility of relocating because it is generally more economically feasible to live in other places. We often come back to the fact that I was born and raised in NY and most of my family (until recently) resides in that general area. The hubby's family is primarily in MD but, they are scattered across the US. We have friends in a wide variety of places. Depending on the economy, we may have to seriously consider relocating to another state in order to lead the life we would like.

On Saturday afternoon we sat down with our wedding photographer to make our wedding album. (Yes, I know that it is over a year later...we just didn't get to it yet!) One of the benefits to using this photographer for our wedding is that he gives you a free photo shoot of your first child. He happened to say to us that a lot of people aren't taking advantage of this because having children in NY is extremely expensive and people our age just aren't equipped to handle that right now...

This article provided some food for thought regarding our future in NY.

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