Good Morning Irene

It is 5 AM. I fell asleep for a few hours. We've lost power once. But ConEd did a fabulous job of getting the power back on super quickly. We are under a tornado watch. We made it through one tornado warning ending at 4:15 PM. We have some water coming in through the back windows in the master bedroom and second bedroom. We are camping in the living room. We are doing OK. I may have to invite the Channel 4 News staff to our next family function because I have had them on nonstop and in my opinion they are doing an excellent job of providing the facts without too much song and dance. I may have to switch to Fox 5 for some laughs once we make it through the brunt of the craziness. Our neighborhood is famous at the moment because 495 is closed between our exits. As the hubby declared, "Clearly we aren't going anywhere." At this point, I would have my doubts about the Blueberry being able to make it through these winds.

Clearly they should have taught disaster preparedness in precana. Some of the reasons to get married...
1) You have someone to weather the storm with
2) You have towels to soak up the water
3) You have an air mattress to sleep on when you can't sleep in your bedroom

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