Summer Vacation: Coffee, The Help, Moonlight

Summer vacation has been filled with traveling, family time, and work in preparation for next school year. One of the things that I enjoy most is my time in the morning to kickback and enjoy a cup of coffee in my blue chair looking out the window. I am fortunate to be able to stay home in the summers.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to see The Help. We both read the book. I happened to have a gift card so we were able to get the tickets for free (ish!). The movie was great. I found that I missed the detail that was in the book. Granted the book was almost four hundred pages and the movie was a few hours long. I felt that they neglected some of the more "difficult" scenes in the movie to make it more friendly to the masses that would be coming to see it. Definitely a movie worth seeing but, don't expect it do the story as much justice as the book.

Last night just before bed we could see a bright light shining through our wooden blinds. Now, since we live in NYC, we figured it was a street lamp or someone's flood light in their yard. Shockingly, it was neither or those. It was the Moon! We were so bold as to open the blinds for a while to enjoy the moonlight.  (I say bold because normally in NYC you keep your blinds closed at night for fear that someone will be looking in your window.) We all live so close together in our neighborhood!

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