Fantastic Friday!

There is nothing quite like a cool morning to enjoy a good book and warm cup of coffee. While I was in California, we started just about every morning under blankets or in sweatshirts because it was cool and dry. Of course there was a hot pot of coffee for all of us to share. 

This morning in NYC it is 75 degrees outside (according to the news show I am currently watching). I just finished cleaning our kitchen. I am going to head out to the farmer's market on the island later. First, I am going to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and a good book. 

A few weeks ago we got a NOOK color. I used it while traveling and it was wonderful. One of things I enjoyed most was that it is backlit. Therefore, while people were sleeping, I could read without having to strain my eyes or turn on the light. The light is enough to see but not enough to disturb sleeping neighbors. 

Despite loving our NOOK, I picked up a book at my mom's house the last time I was home. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to read it yet. There is truly something luxurious about having a solid book to hold and read. 

Yesterday while I was at work, one of my coworkers was talking about our new teacher's materials that are only available online. I feel as though it will be more time consuming to have to go on the computer to look everything up. I enjoyed the feeling of being able to simply turn to the appropriate page to find the resources I am looking for. I guess the trend is to be all digital but, wouldn't it be nice to have the choice?

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  1. Hey, I just saw your blog and I'm a new follower, too! Wishing lots of 4/ever happiness, you were such a pretty bride, Astoria girl...I'm also an Astoria, Queens, original!! Very nice meeting you and see you more often. FABBY