Tasty Dumpling - Mulberry Street

On Sunday, the hubby and I headed to Lower Manhattan for some dumplings and Wanton Soup. The Wanton Soup is just like the soup I had several years ago in Beijing. I has a cloudy, white, watery soup with cabbage and thin Wanton noodles.

We also had pork and chive (fried) dumplings and veggie dumplings. They were so yummy! The restaurant is located super close to the court houses so, the hubby gets lunch from here regularly. There aren't many tables so, I would recommend taking the dumplings with you and having them outside somewhere. Perhaps at the park across the street?

One of the cool things about this dumpling spot is that they have trays of 50 frozen dumplings that are $8-$12. They are perfect for a party!

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