Like father like son

Shockingly all four of us were able to visit dad on Saturday. It was nice to have everyone around. We spent alot of time explaining to him that we were visiting him so we felt better since he kept asking us to leave. Clearly he is feeling better than earlier in the week. The infectious disease doctor says that the new antibiotic cocktail is working on the infection. He has learned to use insulin to help control his sugar. Things are definitely making an upward turn. We are starting to talk about him coming home at some point soon. His goal is to make it to his "great" niece's first birthday party this coming weekend. We'll see how that goes...

The youngest brother headed back to school on Saturday night. The other two will head back to DC together on Monday morning. The hubby and I will head back to Astoria on Monday morning in time for work. I will continue to come out after work until he comes home.

We are gathering snacks and other goodies to watch the Super Bowl together. We were supposed to have a little party with some friends and extended family but, under the circumstances it is better to just have the family around. I'm sure mom will head back to the hospital at some point tonight. The boys will probably go back with her.

I'm glad things are looking up! I think the sunshine and "warm" weather is helping!

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