Goodbye February!

What happened to the month of February? I can't believe that it is already over!

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see this month go but, boy did it fly by.

February snuck in as my father was in the hospital... The Super Bowl rolled by...Then, Dad came home and had another surgery. This brought us to February break and my in laws visit including a visit with a good friend in Westchester.

What will March bring?

Hopefully, this week we will find out what (if any) housing changes we will be making in the upcoming months. My boss has found us two possible houses (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!!!!! HOUSES!!!!!) in the Bayside area. This is about thirty minutes closer to my parents, about the same distance to work, and further away from the hubby's office. Tomorrow, they will be talking to the pastor of the church that owns the houses. It is a big for us! Prayers would be great!

I'm hoping this month will bring continued recovery for my father. He is well on his way but, needs to continue to heal from the surgery and get used to LIVING within his limitations. He is struggling with the idea that you can LIVE with the things he is dealing with. I am encouraging him to see what he can do right now to start to get back to "normal" (or the new normal).

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